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How to keep getting things done

43 Folders talks about why things like Getting Things Done work in Systems, ciphers, and the dirty little secret of self-improvement

My theory is that the secret code for most self-improvement systems—from Getting Things Done through Biofeedback and the Atkins diet—is not hard to break; any idea that helps you to become more self-aware can usually help you to reach a goal or affect a favorable solution. That’s pretty much the entire bag of doughnuts right there.

So, it isn't just a matter of reading the book, huh?  Someone showed up at KM Chicago last night with a copy of GTD in his hands, and we had a funny little conversation about the need to keep Getting Things Done.  I need to apply these ideas.  Evaluate how I am doing.  And repeat.  I am allowed to "fall off the wagon," but I have to also give myself permission to jump back on without feeling terribly guilty about it.  It's all part of the learning and growing process.

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