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The field is where the knowledge is

Eugene Giudice suggests that The field is where the knowledge is:

In the 20 December 2004 issue of Newsweek on page E6 there was a story under the title A Call to Mecca. It tells the story of LG Electronics CEO Kim Ssang. The story stated that he spends 70% of his time globe trotting because "the field is where the knowledge is".
[Original article from Newsweek's A Call to Mecca.]

I love the web helping me read and find interesting ideas.  The Newsweek article reminds me of the intersection ideas suggested by The Medici Effect: cultural cross-fertilization is important.  Eugene goes on to say

This is so true. If we, as knowledge managers want to really show value for the work that we do, we must be as close to those who have the valuable content knowledge as we can. It is through their expertise can we help take the knowledge that is developed in the field and universalize it for the entire organization and thus, create value.

In fact, knowledge management shouldn't be separate from work at all.  We need to show people that they have the knowledge and how to connect with others who have and need it.  This suggests to me that the "corporate KM" approaches need to seriously re-think about how they approach knowledge management.  If knowledge is in the field, then we had better be out there weeding and watering and fertilizing that knowledge, not creating roadblocks that choke the plants. 

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