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Five fast email productivity tips

43 Folders has been getting lots of blogjuice for good reason.  Here is a nice reminder from him that coincides with things I've said before.  Five fast email productivity tips

There’s been a lot of great discussions about email productivity going around on sites I enjoy, so I thought I’d throw in five no-brainers that I’ve seen help a lot of folks.

  1. Shut off auto-check (as in automatic send/receive)
  2. Pick off easy ones
  3. Write less
  4. Cheat (use something to make writing faster, such as a template or automatic text substitution, like ActiveWords)
  5. Be honest (get rid of it, if you really aren't going to respond to it)

And don't forget the basics: Do, Delegate, Date activate and Delete.  (I first heard of these specific terms through a Primer Michaels course on time management. It is a model from Priority Management International, Inc.)

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