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Using weblogs to manage project change

Tim Duckett at Cutting Through identifies some ideas for Using weblogs to manage project change:

It’s probably not too far an exaggeration to say that it’s changes that kill projects. Whether it’s because requirements were incorrectly specified at the start, or the business environment has changed - moving the goalposts mid-way through the game can really screw things up.

So it’s no surprise that most methodologies have a lot to say on the subject of capturing and managing requests for change (RFCs). And a well-run project environment will have some kind of formal process for dealing with requests as they arise.

He runs through a number of the problems and potential solutions.  And he closes with the suggestion that blogs might be one mechanism by which teams could avoid some of the pitfalls that we find in the imperfect world that confronts us when actually running projects. 

Weblogs and feeds aren’t a ‘magic bullet’ that will banish change-related hiccups from the project landscape entirely. But they are a quick and easy way of making sure that your stakeholders are kept in the loop and up-to-date.

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