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Thanks for your help

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback in the last few weeks on my company description.  It was an interesting exercise in asking my readership to help me with the sense of what I was writing.  I am still tweaking it here and there, and if you come to my website directly, you will notice that I am tweaking the look of the front page to make it look a little more like I am looking for business.  The pages that have been updated are What is Knowledge Jolt and About Jack.

Special thanks to several friends:

  • Noreen Kelly, a freelance communication manager with history at Amoco and Baxter and longtime Chicago friend, who introduced me to the KM Chicago crowd.
  • Terry Frazier of b.cognosco, who provided some good, hard-nosed suggestions.
  • Matt Mower of Curiouser and curiouser!, who gently suggested that I need to tell people I am looking for work and got me started on this round of writing.
  • Brett Miller of straight lines... helped with several areas of "real world" view on the text, as well as making comments about a number of other recent posts. 

Oh, and I apologize to everyone who got multiple copies of my web feeds recently.  With some server and MT version changes, I had to rebuild those files a few times. 

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