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MeshForum registration open

MeshForum registration is now open.  For people who register in the next week or so, the cost is $750.  Academics get a $250 discount.  I have been helping to organize this conference, acting primarily as a technical lead.

MeshForum will be May 1-4th, 2005 in Chicago.  MeshForum will connect Networks - academics with business leaders; social networks experts with logistics experts; technical networks practitioners with marketing and sales experts. In short, MeshForum is a chance to learn about Networks via broad overviews of research and tools and very specific discussions of Networks in context.  Please visit the website for more details.

We've recently announced two keynotes: Jamais Cascio and Anna Nagurny.  Michael Herman of GlobalChicago and The small Change News Network will facilitate the optional May 4th Open Space event.  We have a number of sponsors, ActiveWords, Corante and Socialtext.  (And continue to look for others.)

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