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What is your life's work

Bill Jensen's latest book, What Is Your Life's Work, is due out May 3rd.  For anyone on the search for new work or new meaning in their life, this guides you down the path of thinking about what it is you really want to do: what do you want to leave as your legacy?  (This is a theme my father has repeated many times in recent years.)  Jensen is promoting the book by offering two free downloads: Chapter 4 ("Finding the Courage to Choose"), and the Field Guide for Getting Started.  You need to provide your name and email to get at these files, and if you do, you will be entered in a drawing for a free, signed copy of the book.  You'll also be entered if you pre-order the book at Amazon.

Note: Bill wrote me directly to ask if I would post about the book.  He's trying to build some expectation for the book.  In the note, he indicated that there I note that both Slacker Manager and The Occupational Adventure have mentioned this upcoming work as well.  Both are good sites for more info about personal effectiveness and getting things done.

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