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Management by Baseball - A Pocket Reader

Another business book has been released, this time from Jeff Angus, the author behind Management by Baseball, where he regularly draws lessons for business from the way baseball teams work.  I've linked to his articles a number of times.  Available this Weekend: Management by Baseball - A Pocket Reader:

I took delivery yesterday of the first printing of my book, Management by Baseball - A Pocket Reader, published by Occam & Dihigo. [I]t's available for $12.95 through a link on the left side of this page.

I want you to know what's in the book. Some of the 138 pages of content is original, written specifically for this book. A little of it comes from Management by Baseball, a sphagnum opus on which I've been toiling since the Arizona Frelling Diamondbacks were reigning World Champs. MOST of it comes from this weblog's essays from the inception though this January. Of the content from the weblog, some of it I tweaked, some I reconstituted, some I left virtually untouched.

It sounds like if you have been a religious reader of his blog, you may not need the Pocket Reader.  Otherwise, I expect it to be loaded with engaging writing about baseball and nice connections to the world of business.  You can order it from Jeff directly.

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