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Article: Choosing Your Knowledge Management Strategy

Interesting find in the refereed, electronic Journal of Knowledge Management PracticeChoosing Your Knowledge Management Strategy, June 2003 by Knox Haggie and John Kingston of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Abstract:

In this paper, we survey a number of different knowledge management strategies and a range of driving forces for knowledge management activities. We synthesise these using an extended version of an existing "KM spectrum"; apply a knowledge engineering approach to provide further guidance for the KM spectrum; and then describe a simple classification approach that links the driving forces to KM strategies, using a number of published heuristics. Finally, a case study is presented in which we apply our approach and discuss its usefulness.

As the abstract says, they discuss a number of approaches to knowledge management and the definitions of knowledge.  Their synthesis does a nice job of combining this work into a "KM spectrum" of process types: transactional, analytical, asset improvement, asset management, process, developmental and innovation.  They also link these processes to representatives approaches, from organizational behavior to information technology applications.

Glancing through the paper titles in other issues of JKMP, there appears to be a number of practically-oriented papers.  Now to convince them they need a web feed or other mechanisms to enhance their communication with the wider world of people interested in papers like this.

Article: Doing Knowledge Management

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