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Blog as dynamic networks

From TekFlo, Cyber Map Blog Movies.  They have published some Quicktime movies based on links between blogs, particularly the mainstream blogosphere.  TekFlo have network analysis software from which they build these movies.  You can even play with a javascript demo if you want (click on a blog name to get a demo).

I talked about social network analysis in my KM class this evening, and the question came up around what you do with a static analysis of an organization.  Several students asked about what you do next, and I suggested that one could do follow-up analyses or even periodic analyses to show how a network morphs over time (hopefully in response to a change to a new desired state).  These movies take this to the extreme and show the linking behavior between a number of weblogs over the course of 40 days.  And the demos give you some controls.  Of the single-blog demos it is interesting to see the basic hub-and-spoke nature of the linking networks. 

Link via Bill Ives at Portals and KM.  His blog is highlighted in the 4th movie and on the demo page.  (Can I do an analysis of Knowledge Jolt?)

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