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KJolt site feeds

For those that read Knowledge Jolt with Jack via an aggregator, I've moved the comment-embedded feed to a separate entity in order to provide a standard feed without comments for people who prefer it.  Thanks to everyone who commented on my query last week.  Here are your feed options these days:

  • Atom feed - standard full-text feed, Atom format
  • Atom with Comments - Atom formatted feed with comments as their own entries.  Note that this means you will get comments without the full text of the original entry.  If the entry is old, you may need to click through to see the original.  In my opinion, this provide better reader experience, as I am not interested in having the entry and all the other comments repeated every time there is a new comment.  This may also include trackbacks in the future (if I can get it to work). 
  • RSS 2.0 feed - standard full-text feed, RSS format
  • RSS 1.0 feed - standard excerpt feed, RSS format.  I've also been writing excerpts for every entry since the beginning of 2005, so this feed is usually readable.

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