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Looking at Omea Reader

Here are some impressions of Omea Reader. I've been looking around again at what I might be able to use for my next generation aggregator.

  • The newspaper view is nice, as is the general "feel" of the software.
  • There's no shortcut key for "mark all as read" in a category? (Ctrl-Q only works when selecting from the list of individual entries.)
  • I can set the download frequency of individual feeds (including an "ignore" setting), but I can't do it for an entire category of feeds.
  • Right-clicking a category or feed also selects it (I just want to mark-as-read, not see what's in there).
  • One can set a category or feed to display only unread items, but the display is frequently refreshed and the items that I've just read also get wiped "undisplayed." This feels clumsy.
  • Seems to eat a lot of resources when delivering new news / building the newspaper view.

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