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Query: Intranet RSS Aggregator

My friend, Andy Boyd, is looking for an Intranet RSS Aggregator.  Oh, lazyweb, what do you know?

Does anyone know of a web server RSS aggregator (like bloglines) we can install on our intranet. We are thinking about launching blogging but cannot add any software to the PCs and cannot use Internet based services.

I'd think that companies like Bloglines or NewsGator would be interested in this kind of service: pack up the software and install it on a server behind a firewall.

Some research:

  • I found a post by Jeremy Zawodny with an excellent thread of comments, RSS Behind the Firewall, but it is mostly about reading at work and at home, and the issues with synchronizing.
  • The BBC is obviously doing something in this space, given Euan Semple's activities there.  Maybe ping him directly?
  • Cote's weblog highlights this issues in Bloglines Behind the Firewall, and mentions that NewsGator is definitely planning an enterprise application of their technology (code name "Dino").  It seems that it isn't yet available, though.
  • talks about dealing with RSS behind the firewall, but focuses more on ping services, rather than aggregators.

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