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Kafka Management

Mart T found an interesting article about a project in Belgium: Kafka Management: The New KM

About a week and a half ago, I read a very small story in a newspaper about the Belgian government's Kafka red-tape cutting initiative. I think this is a great piece of collaborative "knowledge management" that delivered huge savings - about £150mn, I think, just by getting user-focused and asking the populace what pieces of bureaucracy were unnecessarily annoying, and then actually acting upon the results. Shared experience delivering process improvement.  (ABC article link)
[found via my Findory search on KM]

Bureaucratic red tape is a notorious problem in dealing with government, so much so that Kafkaesque bureaucracy have been taken to the extreme in the movie, Brazil.  And the other Jack just commented that he's been subject of this problem.

Not only does this effort save headaches for the populace - it also saves the government real money.  Very nice.

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