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Law firms reinvent KM

At KM Magazine, Judith Lamont writes that Law firms reinvent KM

Let’s say you’ve been working on a case for six months and you get a call on a Saturday morning offering your client a settlement. But you need to make a quick decision. Can you get the information you need in order to say yes or no? You need the most recent court filings, and you need to know how much your client has been billed for the case so far, as well as the name of someone in your firm who recently resolved a similar case. Can you pull all this together and make a decision?

The article goes on to describe KM initiatives at a number of different approaches to doing knowledge management, most of which have technology as important components.  I was glad to see additional commentary around how the technology helps companies meet their picture for how they run their businesses and interact with customers.

I came across this via Dennis Kennedy, who happens to be quoted in the article's opening paragraphs:

"Law firms have become more pragmatic in their use of knowledge management technology," says Dennis Kennedy, a legal technology expert. "They are less concerned about the buzzwords and more focused on what can be accomplished."

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