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Personal tagging at home?

Oh, Lazyweb, I am curious to know:  Has anyone come up with a tagging tool for personal use?  Now that I've gotten so used to Flickr and and the other tagging tools on the net, I would really like to have something for personal use.  I am particularly thinking about my pictures, which have only a name and date value right now (plus the folder into which I drop them).  But I'd love, for example, to be able to quickly retrieve all my photos with my wife in them, regardless of date or location.

I would also like this to apply to files, though at least most file conventions are read by the various desktop search tools, and I can find things almost immediately that way.  (By the way, Mind Manager files are not currently indexed by Google Desktop or Lookout - they do see the file names.  I don't know about the other tools.)

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