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Fusion of process and knowledge management

Business Process Trends has published a white paper by Russ Records on The Fusion of Process and Knowledge Management (pdf).  From the conclusion:

We feel that more and more new client applications and vendor products will be designed and constructed as fused KM/BPM systems. We are actively working with vendors who share this same vision. New techniques and integrated services architectures are required to build these new systems, and organizational change issues, which are huge whenever knowledge systems are involved, will become even more important for fused systems. It is difficult to get employee commitment for sharing one’s personal store of professional secrets, yet professionals in high performance companies do it well, and they do it all the time. Yet, despite the challenges, the payoff is worth it. When applied to Really Interesting Problems, fused KM/BPM systems can significantly boost productivity and the effectiveness of decision making when it really counts.

The article is focused primarily on installing IT systems that do process management and knowledge management, but it is nice to see this good overview of the combined disciplines.  I briefly met Russ Records last year, and he had a good appreciation for knowledge management. 

[found via Lucas Cervera at his Managing knowledge processes blog]

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