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Surveys galore: KM and blogging

Is it me, or are there a heck of a lot of surveys coming out of late?  Two came up just recently

And over the past few months, I have seen

  • Early August: "KMT Survey" from students at UCLA, looking at enterprise and institutional KM and why KM implementations don't always succeed. (link removed at request of author)
  • Mid September: a direct request from a marketing student at the U of Zurich on weblogs as marketing instrument (the topic of his thesis).
  • Early September: a Corporate blogger survey via a direct email request.

Okay, maybe not that many.  But it sure seemed like more.  I wonder how effective some of these are in answering the questions that the people have.  In at least one case, I found the that questions seemed to be leading me to answer a specific way.  And others don't always make sense for someone who is working as a consultant, rather than within a company.

Update: Another one - The St. Joseph's University / Knowledgeboard survey on journals that cover KM. [via Talking Knowledge Management]

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