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KM Market Map from Accsys

Accsys Corporation has created a KM Market Map

Knowledge management market map from Accsys CorpThe diagram below visually represents the potential market space for knowledge management products. This map was an attempt to answer the question, "What are the potential products that might be created under the auspices of knowledge management?"

From the central KM node, they branch to Computer-based products (red), Knowledge products (green), Consulting services (purple), and specific Markets (yellow). 

KM Planning mind mapOne of the knowledge management mailing lists recently had a discussion on mapping the KM domains of interest, started by an amazingly detailed map from one of the participants.  I quickly realized that the resulting discussion was more about our perspectives on knowledge management, rather than there being THE WAY to think about this field.  This was the fun I had in designing a class to teach last spring, and I am seeing it again as I consider what to change for next spring.  For example, we've been using a set of KM areas and topics from David G. Schwartz as a basis for the mind map attached here.  We've extended his categorization just a bit, and we aren't going to explore all the dimensions he lists.  There are many more where this comes from.

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