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Jon Husband on process

Jon Husband follows the process thread (my post) with a nice piece on where he has seen "process" ebb and flow within business.  And on top of that, he mentions me as one of the two dozen people who have "contributed much to [his] understanding, notably in the fields of KM and CRM."  Reflections on Process, Work Design and Technology ... from a Non-Technologist

I've been turning over in my mind this post on process by Ross Mayfield and the attendant comments.
What companies have not done well is acknowledge or understand that the fundamental responsiveness to customer or employee feedback comes from what people have always done well ... what they, arguably, are designed to do or what is in their nature to do...

Jon's article cover a lot of ground with a focus on bringing people back into discussion of how process / practices work.  It is people, after all, who execute any of these processes we document.  And it is people who are tasked with making judgments about whether the process actually fits the situation.

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