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KJolt comment policy update

Not a terribly interesting post, but I've updated the way comments are handled on this website.  Namely, I now require that commenters enter a painfully obvious pass phrase to block the robots that are out there (hint: it's my last name).  If you end up getting an error when commenting, please let me know.

As far as my comment policy goes, I generally allow any comments that seem to have something to do with the article at hand.  With this new capability, I may be able to turn off automatic moderation and let comments flow through.  For now, I will continue moderating comment from "unknown" people -- unknown being defined as people who aren't using TypeKey to authenticate themselves. 

The pass phrase capability is created with John Wiseman's HMPassPhrase plugin for Movable Type.  It replicates a capability that was mysteriously removed from MT in the upgrade to 3.2.

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