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Some thoughts for next year

I don't know that I am the best person for prognosticating, but my colleagues at the Corante Web Hub are doing predictions together, and I figure I should join them.  These are going to be a little different, as I don't think of myself as a pure "technology guy," though I sure have fun with it.

  1. Knowledge management will continue to have people running in multiple directions.  Someone (me?) will write about how KM is more closely tied to business strategy than is typically discussed.
  2. More non-tech companies will talk publicly about using blogs, wikis and related tools for internal purposes.
  3. The next Pew Internet & American Life survey will discover that 25% of internet users say they use aggregators (as of early 2005, this was 5%). 
  4. Blog aggregators (feed readers) will continue to evolve their capabilities present information in useful ways.  Specifically, the ability for tools to automatically group related content together will expand beyond threading to include shared tags and even shared text-based "similarity."
  5. I will be working on a Viable Vision project with my colleagues at the TOC Center.

Multi-tasking on the brain

Workshop via mind map