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The RSS Blog points to a new way to peruse your Flickr images with photobloggr:

photobloggr is another service provided by Marcel Marchon. It groups your public Flickr images in all sorts of new ways. Here's my Flickr images on photobloggr.  [Via the Corante Web Hub, of which I am a member.]

My photoblog shows you my recent vacation shots, if you are curious.  It is very much geared toward finding pictures, rather than browsing in the standard Flickr mode.  No interactivity or social aspects to this particular tool.  Photobloggr lists all my tags, plus two sets of dates (taken on and uploaded) by which I can find specific photos.  Interestingly, the tag browser shows me the most recent photos and then gives me the opportunity to slice that tag by date taken/uploaded.  The web feed (mine) gives me photos by day taken, rather than Flickr's one item per image.  This is not necessarily better, just different.  One can also get a web feed by tag, which Flickr provides as well.

I just discovered that Flickr has an Archives page that enables me to find pictures by date taken / uploaded.  But it doesn't provide the additional ability to slice by tag then by date.

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