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Robert Fripp recording for Vista

Robert Fripp has been picked to create the sounds for the new operating system from Microsoft, Vista.  Robert Scoble (or Charles Torre) has published a 25 minute video of the session at Channel9 (via Windows Vista recording session).

Robert Fripp, famous guitarist, was on Microsoft’s campus a few weeks ago recording the sounds for Windows Vista. Charles Torre got an invite into the studio to record and watch.

[humor on] I've been to King Crimson and Robert Fripp solo concerts.  There are very few women interested in these bands.  If people buy Vista for the sounds, there won't be many women in the line on opening day.  [humor off]  This doesn't prevent me from listening to the entire video to hear what he's doing.  Very familiar to any Fripp aficianodos.  It's also interesting to get some insight into the creative process.

For those in the know, Brian Eno created the Windows 95 startup sound.  Fripp and Eno were some of my early music discoveries as I ventured outside the mainstream.  So, I will be interested to hear the results, but I don't know that I'll run out to buy Vista just for this.

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