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Good enough

Lucas Rodríguez Cervera points to Just Enough Process Management by Tammy Adams at the BPMInstitute website. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of doing something just to do it. We’ve all seen it happen. Companies who implement full blown quality programs, like Six Sigma, often find themselves lost in a myriad of unfocused green belt projects, unnecessary processes and mountains of paperwork. ...

The same can happen with process management. Without a clear assessment of our goals, it’s easy to become obsessed with the measuring, monitoring and controlling of processes – simply because we can. To avoid this trap and the unintended consequences that come with it, take a moment to consider if you are implementing just enough or too much process management.

She then lists her "just enough" thoughts that apply to process management (and elsewhere): Clarity, Change, Measurement, and Control.

In the Theory of Constraints world, you often hear things like "be paranoid, but not hysterical" and reference to having a "good enough" solution.  The point of this article and of these comments is that we can get so wrapped up in the change that we ignore the goals of the system.  Does the proposed change actually solve the problem(s)?  If so, then implement it, and set up a mechanism for ongoing improvements, rather than spending time tweaking the solution.

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