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Catastrovision is that wonderful effect when you get so wrapped up in your own world that it seems like everything is about to end. 

For some reason, as I was making a cup of coffee this evening, my mind started reeling from bad to worse, so I figured I should write it down somewhere.  I won't give you the details, but most of it starts out "What if [insert death, disease, car crash]" and ends with everyone in my life laying in Shakespearian tragedy pools of blood.  Sometimes it shows up around work or business, but that seems less gruesome and easier to look at reasonably.

Now that I've had the coffee and started writing, it has gone away.  And what was I going to do about any of those things tonight anyway?

When you get into a bout of catastrovision, be sure to laugh at yourself and get back to reality.

[Update: for some reason, this post vanished from my blog.  It was originally posted 28 Jan 2006, around 11 pm CST.]

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