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Upcoming: KM in the Asia-Pacific region

The next KM Chicago meeting will be 14 Feburary, at it's normal time from 5-7 pm. The topic looks to be informative. KM Chicago: KM in the Asia-Pacific region:

Scarcely a days goes by when we do not hear about the current and future economic impact of China and various other countries from the Asia Pacific region. Accenture has had a knowledge management presence in Asia since the mid 1990s. Two key people from their respective operating groups will discuss the evolving role of knowledge management at Accenture and their roles in developing and delivering knowledge services in Asia and around the world. Both of these women have been associated with knowledge management at Accenture for more than a decade. They have served their operating groups very ably during that time and have made many contributions to the global knowledge management efforts at Accenture. They and their respective teams have contributed to millions of dollars in consulting revenues over the past few years. Living and working in Asia they have a unique perspective on the cultural, language and technology barriers encountered by consultants in the region. Come get an Asia Pacific view of the successes, challenges, and evolving approaches that are faced by a global organization trying to deliver knowledge management services.

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