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Blogs as brains, uh oh

Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide's Neurolearning Blog give us some insight into blogging in Blogs as Our Brains: Can We Escape Chaos?:

The dilemma of the blogosphere as well as our brains is....chaos.

They touch on a couple aspects of blogging and cognition that make things chaotic: tagging, learning preferences, and even organizational skills.  This brief article is just a taste.  Essentially, if the history of the blog reflect our brain, we are in trouble.  One, because we end up finding too much "interesting stuff."  Two, because each of our tagging behaviors will vary, and even an individual's varies over time.  Three, because we have poor organizing skills.

They close out with some comments about the criticality of organizational skills and point readers to other sources.

Organization should be a mandatory educational skill in the 21st century. The need for organization increases with the more information we gain. This sort of skill does take time, but there are tremendous pay-offs at the end.

When I first read this paragraph, I resisted.  But I have to acknowledge that being purposeful in my actions and thoughtful about how I manage things helps me.  I wonder if the resistance is that my image of "teaching organization" doesn't fit with what I believe the skills of personal organization look like.  I'll need to consider this in revamping my knowledge management course for the spring.

[via George Siemens' elearnspace]

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