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TOC view of Technology

Bill Brantley has a nice writeup of a TOC Analysis of Technology

I am in the first hour of listening to Goldratt's "Beyond the Goal" but I had to stop because his thoughts about technology are so profound. He starts off with a simple statement: Technology is beneficial if and only if it diminishes a limitation.

This is one of the key ideas that make the connection between my interests in Theory of Constraints and Knowledge Management.  It's also something which I have difficulty articulating when I am coming from the KM perspective.  Working more actively on a TOC project, I am seeing better ways to make this connection back to KM.  As Bill says later in his comments, the simplicity of the concept is almost beguiling.  As with much of TOC, the idea is obvious, but at the same time it is not in common usage. 

Beyond technology, this question (what limitation does it diminish?) can help with any intervention being undertaken.

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