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Coffee might not be so great, depending

This AP story has made the rounds in the last few days. Some coffee drinkers risk a real jolt:

CHICAGO - Here's a real caffeine jolt -- heart attacks might be a risk for coffee drinkers with a common genetic trait that makes caffeine linger in their bodies, a study suggests.

And the result for those who quickly metabolize coffee is fewer incidents of heart attack.  The linked article suggests that fast metabolizers may have other benefits from coffee, but they didn't go into detail.  And there is no commercial test for these gene, as yet. 

The JAMA citation for the research provides a little more info on the authors, for those who want to look further.  The researchers are Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy (U of Toronto's Dept of Nutritional Sciences in their medical school), Dr. Edmond Kato Kabagambe (now at U of Alabama at Birmingham Dept of Epidemiology in their School of Public Health), Dr. Hannia Campos (Dept of Nutrition in the Harvard School of Public Health), and Marilyn Cornelis (one of El-Sohemy's graduate students).

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