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Communities of biologists request for help

Tim Thomas contacted me in regards cultivating communities of practice for people in the natural sciences, biologists in particular.  If you've got any suggestions, please contact him at tnt.thomas AT gmail DOT com.

I'm looking to exchange ideas and thoughts with anyone who's involved in any CoP whose Domain is "natural resource" sciences, biologists mainly. I'm helping a CoP get started in Northern Canada. They would like to influence decisions on what areas of wilderness will be protected by generating knowledge from about birds, bears, fish, trees etc.

I know this is pretty esoteric, so I would be more than happy to discuss pro/con and things to look out for with pretty much anyone who built a CoP.

I've already recommended that he check out the various YahooGroups that cover the topic of communities (com-prac).  Where else should he look?  Does anyone have direct suggestions?

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