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Manage Knowledgement

Ross Mayfield uses a new term for knowledge management to reflect his focus on the social side of knowledge, Manage Knowledgement (MK)

Manage Knowledgement is a way of describing KM that's backwards but works.  ...  With MK, through blogs and wikis, the principle activity is sharing, driven by social incentives.

There is definitely a social component to knowledge that we see every day in conversations wherever we go.  Tools that enable contribution and participation in discussions can enhance this social knowledge.  I particularly like Mayfield's comment that the sharing is driven by social incentives.  If there is no feedback, as in "traditional" KM systems, the social trigger many people have never gets pulled and interest wanes in using such systems. 

Luis Suarez is a little concerned about Mayfield's railing against old-school KM.  Mayfield suggests the old style of KM doesn't work - particularly the style that required us to fill in forms and subvert our normal work flows.  While that is an extreme view, there is some merit.  I frequently talk about personal vs corporate knowledge management to help create a conversation around the needs of the corporation and the individuals being asked to "do" knowledge management.

Work and Working

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