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Style showcase and a SixApart style contest

Robin Good writes Web Design And Navigation: Where To Look For Examples? The CSS Showcase:

For the many that ask me how they should go about designing their new web site or online service the advice remains essentially the same:

  1. Don't ever improvise yourself designer
  2. Don't play with those cute web design and HTML editor programs
  3. If you can't afford a designer, go and buy an existing pre-designed web site template
  4. Ask your design-savvy friends
  5. Look at what is out there.

I've been writing my own web sites for ten years but never thought of myself as a designer. Maybe next time I really should pick up one of these free templates that Robin lists at the end of this article.

In light of this Six Apart are running a Style Contest for Movable Type and TypePad. Since I've been working within Movable Type for several years it might be worthwhile paying attention to the results of the contest. (Note: Six Apart's have asked members of their ProNet to publicize the contest.)

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