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Integrating Information & KM Architectures in the Legal Profession

Ark Group are continuing their law-and-KM series of conferences.  I attended the one in New York in February, and I am sure this will be interesting as well. Integrating Information & KM Architectures in the Legal Profession, 13-14 June 2006, Toronto, Canada:

Strategies for Integrating Your Firm’s Organizational, Technical & Information Resources to Leverage or Create Complimentary Information & Knowledge Management Architectures

Researched with and developed for those involved in knowledge and information resource management, this two-day conference is an ideal opportunity to learn how some of today’s leading Canadian law firms are integrating their organizational, technical and information resources to more effectively leverage collective intelligence and begin to develop a true “knowledge management architecture” - improving the efficiency and effectiveness of individual and collaborative knowledge-sharing activities.

Is information management just politically correct KM? The disciplines of Information Management and Knowledge Management have different roots and typically are managed differently within organizations. Yet these two disciplines seem to be juxtapositioned, if not complimentary in theory. In many organizations, these two areas are in conflict - not harmony. Information management seems to be gathering more attention in law firms - with or without existing KM programs. Should KM champions be concerned about the emergence of IM? Is IM just disciplined data mining, or is it generating context in ways that overlap with traditional KM goals? These are just a few of the questions we plan to answer in the course of this two-day program.

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