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Is there a KM job track

One of the questions that came up at the Academic KM discussion was whether there was a job track for people studying knowledge management, like there is for lawyers or engineers or MBA's.

The short answer, "No." 

The longer answer is that it really depends on what you are studying in conjunction with knowledge management, which will slant your job prospects.  Obviously, if you are enamored with KM, then you will more likely seek out the positions that are intersections of your discipline and organizational strategy.  From the conversation at KM Chicago, I heard a lot of discussion of boundary-spanning instruction and research.  Similarly, I suspect that "real KM" jobs fit between the lines of formal hierarchies make them harder to find and describe in traditional corporate environments. 

That said, my observations are that just-out-of-school KM positions are things like (KM) system administrators, community managers and data analysts.  As people gain more experience or move to different levels within organizations, the KM positions begin looking like project managers, business-technology liaisons, and KM intervention designers.  At the highest level are strategic positions that work on creating and executing KM-specific strategies.  Of course, there are many more possible roles that lead one down a "KM track."  This is why the short answer is, "No, there is no formal KM job track."

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