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Master research in KM at Hong Kong Poly

Eric Tsui asked me to pass this along.  If you are in the region - or want to be - have a look at this opportunity to advance your education in KM with an Industrial and Systems Engineering perspective.  Eric is the author of a paper on Technologies for Personal and Peer to Peer Knowledge management, about which I wrote earlier.  The research builds upon that paper.

An opportunity exists for a master level research degree (with an option of converting into a doctoral degree) on Knowledge Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Focus of the research is socio-technical based with particular emphases on Personal and Peer-to-Peer KM. The following project titles are an indicative guide only:

  • A personal knowledge management desktop for supporting collaborative work and social networking
  • Knowledge fusion between enterprise, peer-to-peer and personal knowledge management

A monthly stipend will be paid to the successful candidate. This research is full time and requires the student to be based in Hong Kong. PolyU's KM Group conducts research into organizational learning and change, knowledge audit, taxonomies, and collaboration tools. The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering operates Asia Pacific's only Master of Science in KM (via blended learning) and is home to several state-of-the-art centres including the Knowledge Solutions Laboratory, Business Automation Laboratory and the Logistics and Simulation Laboratory.

Commencement of project is anytime between July and October 2006. Interested parties please send your CV and contact

Professor Eric Tsui
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
E-mail: Eric.Tsui at polyu DOT edu DOT hk
Phone: +852 2766 6609 or +61 2 8207 0138 (direct call from Sydney)

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