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Fingers make things explicit

No, I don't mean that finger.  I use my writing both to formalize what I've been thinking as well as to get those thoughts into the larger world and see how they come back to me.

The idea of thinking out loud (an unknown-to-me blog) suggests that there is no need for anyone else to read what I have to write when I am in that mode.  My thoughts on the value of making things explicit were related more to the idea of thinking in public (Jim McGee): vocalizing an idea with the hope that my readers will respond either directly or in their own writing. 

Nancy White sees the same thing in Thinking Through my Fingers:

For years now I have talked about my online life as being "thinking through my fingers." My online conversations with my "imaginary friends" have unleashed thinking that I could never have done without them. The process of writing triggers deeper insights.

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