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IT as roadblock

Information (knowledge?) is the currency of business today, so making it available and making available the tools needed to manipulate that information is a critical task.  I came across this interesting discussion by Jeffrey Phillips and thought I'd pass it along.  How IT became pre-eminent

It seems interesting to me that the most influential and significant information technology magazine has taken so long to realize what many of us in the "user" community and "vendor" community have known for quite a while.  IT has become a significant roadblock in many organizations, actually dictating what applications, tools and approaches can be followed.

The tone is somewhat negative and somewhat realistic.  IT organizations are asked to do a lot: provide technology, ensure security, interpret and implement federal rules (Sarbanes-Oxley and 21 CFR Part 11, for example), repair wonky computers, etc.  No wonder most "users" look askance at IT when they say it will take six months to implement what seems to be a simple software change.

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