This website covers knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints, amongst other topics. Opinions expressed here are strictly those of the owner, Jack Vinson, and those of the commenters. - Army lessons learned has an article on Army lessons learned (Greg Slabodkin, July 17, 2006) that focuses on their Army Knowledge Management program, which appears to be successful.  The program itself seems to be heavily techno-centric.

As military leaders try to answer questions about failures and mistakes committed during the war in Iraq, few people are paying attention to how warfighters must adapt to succeed — and survive — on the battlefield. That process has often been a matter of trial and error — a luxury that an army at war cannot afford.

I like this article as paired with the overview of the Army's After Action Review as discussed in KMWorld recently.  This new article highlights how technology is supporting the baked-in process of learning-as-you-go.  Observe something new?  Check in with your colleagues - whether that is face-to-face or electronically - and change your approach based on the resulting discussion. 

Along with lessons learned, the article talks about implementations that cover discussion groups, and communities of practice.  The claim is that these things taken together enable the on-the-ground troops to adapt faster than the top brass.

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