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KnowNow goes Beyond RSS, way beyond

KMWorld and others picked up the KnowNow press release on their new products, (KMWorld) Beyond RSS, way beyond:

KnowNow has released three new solutions designed to instantly connect people with critical information: Market Intelligence, Corporate Communications and Alternative Marketing Channel. Based on KnowNow's Enterprise Syndication Solutions (ESS) platform, the new offerings are said to eliminate the latency that prevents most organizations from taking action when opportunities first arise. Immediately available, the solutions are offered both as on-premise software and as hosted services.

From what I understand in the press release and the product information on their website, KnowNow is providing an aggregator with blogosphere (and beyond) search capability and a composition tool of some variety.  I think what makes this Enterprise 2.0 is that they are pulling and pushing both web feeds and non-RSS content.  And, possibly, the components are geared towards stability and security more than the stand alone aggregators out there.

Has anyone seen these tools in action?  Can you comment on them?  I know that both Attensa and NewsGator have enterprise versions, though it's unclear if they incorporate the publishing aspect that appears to be included with KnowNow.  And do they have built-in search, or do they rely on users being able to set up their own search feeds with pick-your-service.  Attensa CEO comments on their Enterprise RSS and how they relate to NewsGator and KnowNow.

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