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Megacommunity Manifesto

Booz Allen Hamilton's strategy+business has a piece entitled The Megacommunity Manifesto by Mark Gerencser, Fernando Napolitano, and Reginald Van Lee.  Megacommunities bring together government, business and NGO on problems of common interest, even if they don't all see thing from the same perspective.

A megacommunity is a public sphere in which organizations and people deliberately join together around a compelling issue of mutual importance, following a set of practices and principles that will make it easier for them to achieve results. Like a business environment, a megacommunity contains organizations that sometimes compete and sometimes collaborate. But a megacommunity is not strictly a business niche. Nor is it a public–private partnership, which is typically an alliance focused on a relatively narrow purpose. A megacommunity is a larger ongoing sphere of interest, where governments, corporations, NGOs, and others intersect over time. The participants remain interdependent because their common interest compels them to work together, even though they might not see or describe their mutual problem or situation in the same way.

I have not read the article in detail, but they point to an interesting trend that suggests future leaders will gain their success through work in government, business and NGO's. 

[Found via a former student, who continues to forward interesting stuff my way.]

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