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Influence Ripples 2.0

David Armano has an interesting idea for mapping the dynamic behavior of linking across the blogosphere, Influence Ripples 2.0:

Ripples2Yet another stab at the blog levels of influence idea. There are multiple ripples overlapping, happening in a three dimensional space—in real time. If this were animated, the ripples would not disappear, but radiate.
However more recent ripples would come into focus as new thoughts, conversations, and interactions happen over time.

The drawing is beautiful, and I would love to see this animated across time.  I am sure ideas percolate more quickly from the "big names" in the blogosphere (and beyond), but big ideas can come from just about anywhere on the net.  As long as those ideas (people) are connected at some level, they might end up rippling right round the 'sphere.

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