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The Four Agreements as a story

Unusual or exaggerated stories are a fun way of remembering things.  Picture this

You are walking through a forest and you hear a distant rat-a-tat in the trees.  The forest is beautiful, but the sound intrigues you.  You wander in the direction of the rat-a-tat.  As it grows louder, you suspect a woodpecker, and minutes later you find yourself watching a couple woodpeckers carving away a sign, Woody Woodpecker style.  It says just one word, Impeccable.

Befuddled at the sight, you continue walking and realize that you aren't in a forest at all, but an impressive aviary at a zoo.  You come upon a door labeled, "Authorized personnel only.  No entry."  That seems more like it.  Then it gets strange again.  You leave the aviary and see a crowd of people gathered around one of the taller trees at the zoo.  As you get closer, you hear an odd noise, and follow the gaze of the crowd to the top of the tree.  There is a donkey braying away, seemingly unperturbed by its predicament.  "Not something I'd want to do," you hear yourself saying. 

After an otherwise uneventful visit to the zoo, you leave and find the turn style plastered with little gold stars.  The kind your first grade teacher hands out for a good job.

I came up with this one, while considering whether The Four Agreements might have applicability for me.  If you read the earlier post, can you recall the Agreements without re-reading it?

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