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BuzzWhack for KM

John Walston of BuzzWhack has a new book out, The Buzzword Dictionary.  Since he is from the Chicago area (and it's funny), the Chicago Tribune's At Random column had a piece about the book (registration) with some sample terms that relate to my interests.

I loved this one.  Not only does multitasking guarantee that all your projects will be late, it also leads to more mistakes.  Now there is a term for it:

Faulty-tasking: Making mistakes because of multitasking. A handy word for what to call it when you accidentally send a personal e-mail to your boss and a business memo to your wife because you were writing both at once while also instant messaging, checking your fantasy football team and talking on the phone.

This particular definition is unfortunate, but it must be happening.  I prefer the more generous version that connects to teaching and

Knowledge transfer: This means teaching someone how to do your job before you leave. But you're a person, not a computer hard drive.

I bet the book will make a fun short-attention-span read.  The website posts daily updates.  They offer an email subscription, but no syndication feed of the same.

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