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The next best thing in conferences

Euan Semple is really thinking now, Forget KM Conferences ... via a set of comments from Lloyd on his earlier post.  Let's set up a Knowledge Harvest Festival!

...Lloyd's come up with the great idea of a Knowledge Harvest Festival. If we are going to suffer phrases such as knowledge harvesting and knowledge extraction we might as well enjoy it.

Imagine the stalls at the fair. We could have coconut shies with shriveled heads of people whose knowledge had been extracted instead of coconuts. There could be prizes given by The Women's Institute for best knowledge objects .....

Yes!  Idea soup.  It is autumn in the northern hemisphere, when agricultural festivals abound (Octoberfest, Sukkot, etc.).  And in the spring, we could have seed planting festivals, where we take the stored fruits from autumn and plant them in the heads of our new employees.

KM and ROI

Training up a knowledge management competency