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Imagining the Company of the Future

Gary Hamel, Thomas Stewart and the Harvard Business Review are asking people to Imagin[e] the Company of the Future:

What will the company of the future look like? Will it be any different from today's leading-edge businesses? What are the important ways in which today's companies must change in order to thrive?

The survey asks two questions that will be folded into a future HBR article on the topic:

  1. Twenty years into the future, what one characteristic — principle, process, practice, or structural feature — of the late twentieth-century industrial organization will appear to be the most antiquated or anachronistic?
  2. Looking out a generation or two, what feature or characteristic — principle, process, practice, or structural feature — of leading-edge organizations will be most different from what we observe today? Use your imagination to describe this new feature or characteristic in detail and in a way that illustrates the difference it will make to organizational success.

The short version of my answers:

  1. Cost accounting.
  2. Social network analysis.

[found via Patti Anklam]

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