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TOC ICO, TOC software

Along with the presentations, there were a number of new-to-me software providers that implement TOC solutions.  I did not get a chance to see all of them, but here is a list for those who might be interested.  There is an ongoing list in the Theory of constraints entry in Wikipedia.

  • This was the first I had heard of NeoGrid, who provide solutions for all the supply chain: DBR, distribution, etc.
  • This was also my first introduction to Constraint Management Systems, who have developed RoadRunner for production and distribution in response to a need of their consulting clients.  The tool started with DBR and has expanded back and forward into the supply and distribution chains.
  • Inherent Simplicity has created Symphony to manage production, raw material supply and finished good distribution, all based on the TOC principles.  They have also worked closely with Eli Schragenheim to develop an S-DBR implementation that follows his current thinking on the topic (Eli's son, Amir Schragenheim, is one of the company leaders).
  • Spherical Angle's has ccPulse and ccMPulse for Critical Chain Project Management that works as an overlay with MS Project.  They've worked closely with Tony Rizzo of the Product Development Institute in development of the software.
  • Zero to Quota manage the sales pipeline process in accordance with TOC solution for sales principles.
  • IDEA LLC is a distribution company that has developed an application to implement supply chain management for large companies (primarily consumer products).  They are showing astounding results in helping manufacturing companies get their products into stores and increasing sales.
  • Vivacadena have also created software to manage the supply chain.  My understanding is that they were one of the early packages that implemented the supply chain rules.
  • Realization has Concerto for CCPM (not at the conference).
  • ProChain is another CCPM package (not at the conference).
  • PSNext from Sciforma is another CCPM package (not at the conference).


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