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Get your lawmaps

David Stubbs, Matt Moss, and Paul Hogarth-Blood have created to publish the mind maps they've built and used as study guides for U.K. and E.U. law exams. 

They used MindJet's MindManager to build the maps and provide the the raw Mind Manager file as well as a PDF for those that don't have MM (or the free reader).  They are publishing the maps under Creative Commons, so people can add to them or remix them to their own needs.

I've been using MindManager for most of my conference and meeting note-taking for the past two years.  It feels much more intuitive for me than taking the more typical linear notes in a word processor or a notepad-like application.  (Of course, I still use paper when the computer isn't appropriate.)

[discovered via Tris Hussey]

Hoshin sounds like Theory of Constraints

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