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Personal vs business dimensions of employee blogging

Lilia Efimova is moving forward with her thinking about employee blogging with a set of Personal vs. business dimensions of employee blogging.  Along with that, she has put together a simple visualization (in Excel) to test where you are with respect to these dimensions in your blogging.

Mine is attached here, but I note that the dimensions don't all fit when I am an "employee" of my own one-man consulting firm.  I do not hide my blogging from my clients, though there are clients where the fact of my blogging is of little importance.  I have decided, in general, that it is not appropriate to blog about the specifics of what is happening with my clients.

blogging dimensions for Jack

And, if you want to do this yourself, follow Lilia's instructions:

In case you want to try it for your own weblog: use empty image or .xls file. Don't forget to link back or let me know in some other way :)

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