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Pollard on PKM, Live

Ah, to live in London.  The sights, the sounds, the history, the Knowledge Cafes!  The most recent event played host to knowledge management "guru" and blogger Dave Pollard, who talked about personal knowledge management (PKM).  He's been thinking about this for a while, with The PKM-Enabled Organization being one of the most recent.

A number of people have written up their thoughts: David Wilcox, James Robertson, and Peter-Anthony Glick.  From their descriptions, it sounds like the event was engaging.  Knowledge Cafes are something that KM Chicago is considering to bring variety to the meetings.

My take on PKM is fairly similar to Pollard's, which is why I haven't bothered commenting on his articles lately.  The idea he's been promoting is that organization need to provide the means for their people to become more effective, and "corporate KM" efforts do not allow for this.  This is a shift in focus from collecting stuff to making connections amongst people in language and settings that are comfortable.  Sure, there may be technology involved in some of the aspects of PKM (finding and automating the connections), but much of PKM is good personal work around making connections and keeping track of what is happening on the job.

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